The Historian – Past Issues

LCHA Newsletter.Vol 3/No 2 Beginning in the 1920s, deteriorating conditions in the South brought African Americans northward from Georgia in what was called "the Great Migration." From Putnam County, GA, many came to western Lincoln County to establish neighborhoods and churches. This is their story. Also, scenes from LCHA's first Burning of the Baggage event at Battleground Park, and for Women's History Month, meet Dr. Connie Guion, truly a pioneer in care for the poor, born right here in Lincoln County.

LCHA.Newsletter.Vol 3/No 1 In the early 1900s, Lincoln County schools were one and two-room affairs supported by their communities. As superintendent of schools, Berge Beam began a building program to consolidate smaller schools with Union High School in west Lincoln County the first. Plus a feature on the history of Newbold High School in Lincolnton which operated as the only high school for African-American students until 1968.

LCHA.Newsletter.Vol 2/No 6 "Wanna see some Christmas boogers?" Memories remain of the tradition of Christmas boogering in this article by Ramona Ramsey. Earl Scronce remembers his days of visiting neighbors in disguise and singing for treats. Learn how to collect your family stories during the holidays, and the latest additions to our library and collection files.

LCHA.Newsletter.Vol 2/No 5  While Lincoln County's newest court house nears completion, we take a look at the court houses of the past. How many have there been? We track down members of the Houser and Dellinger families, Wood Family genealogies now available for purchase. Guest article by Michael Ottinger on Lincoln County's William Alexander Graham and accomplishments as U.S. Secretary of the Navy. The latest additions to our library and collection files, and upcoming events.

LCHA.Newsletter.Vol 2/No 4 Following the completion of the Duke Power's Cowan's Ford Dam some 60 years ago, Lake Norman began to fill. But what happened to all of the homes, churches, businesses, and people who lived along the Catawba River? What lies beneath its waves? Who was the little girl in the photo that was part of an examination of child labor in the early 1900s? New and exciting additions to our collection, plus photos from the June 20 commemoration of the Battle of Ramsour's Mill.

LCHA.Newsletter.Vol.2/No.3 "Thunder Over Carolina," first performed in 1955, was an effort that brought the community together and how a new play, "Prelude to Victory" in 1982 came to be. How DNA testing connected an out-of-state cousin with Lincoln County relatives. Information we found on the family of Seth W. Stubbs and Elbridge Stubbs and their relation to the courthouse clock. Plus, the latest exciting accessions in the LCHA collection.

March - April 2021 Vol. 2/No.2  Who was Jean Laffite? A pirate or an imposter? Learn more about the elusive Laffite and his ties to Lincolnton from this author-mother-daughter team of sleuths. Remembering summers at Lake Sylvia, Edgar Love, and Betty Gabriel Ross.

January - February 2021 Vol. 2/No. 1 Gary Ray of High Shoals made his mark in music history; Wise Tourist Court; Black History Month: the Story of Adam Miller Moore; David Deitz House Razed; Pandemic: The Scourge of Polio and David Lowe's Story.

November - December 2020 Vol. 1/No. 6 John Reynolds of Lincolnton destroyed the dynamite that saved the bridge at Remagen; Hallman Family; Presbyterian Manse; Train wreck on Indian Creek; Medal of Honor recipients have Lincoln County connections; Medal of Honor recipients honored; Lincoln County's Quilt Trail.

September - October 2020 Vol. 1/No. 5 James McLean: NC Artist and Lincolnton Native; Alba Twine Mill; First Methodist Church history; Election Thoughts by Leroy Magness; A County Divided: Steamy Politics in the 1840s; and LCHA Welcomes Four New Board Members.

July- August 2020 Vol. 1/No. 4 Baseball of Yesterday in Lincoln County, German Migration to Cape Girardeau, Lincoln County's Sports Hall of Fame, Ingleside Plantation and What if Forney had Killed Cornwallis?

May - June 2020 Vol. 1/No. 3 The Battle of Ramsour's Mill, Lincolnton County and the Pandemic of 1918, Memories of the County Home

Mar - Apr 2020 Vol. 1/No. 2 Haynes Dairy, Wallace Alexander House, Alda Crowe

Jan - Feb 2020 Vol. 1/No. 1 Howard's Creek Mill Renovations, Capt. George French, Larry Craig Remembered, Shelton-Lowe Farmstead, Dr. James Haney "Stumbling Toward Zion: A Mosteller Chronicle, Robert Mosteller's memories of Howard's Creek Mill